My friend’s parents are in town this week, and it has been fun talking with them and getting to know a little bit more about how my friend turned out the way she did. Her mom is a very kind woman who reminds me a bit of my late grandma, Rachel Nelson Reed…

This is in her memory.

Growing up I was blessed to have 3 sets of grandparents. Not only that, but all 3 sets lived in the same city that we did for most of my life…one set even lived two doors down from us! Back then it didn’t seem to be that big of a deal…now I know how blessed I truly was!

Grandma and Grandpa Reed lived in a blue house on the corner with a large pine tree in their front yard. Their home always had a particular smell, and you knew that if you hung around long enough you would eventually get fed. How many times did I come home from school, drop my stuff in the living room at home, and head straight for Grandma’s pantry? This probably happened so many times, that I would never be able to count them now…it was habit.

Once I had ejected myself from her pantry with a sweet or two in hand, Grandma would invite me to sit down at the table and proceed to ask me all about my day. How was school? How are your friends? What do you have going on this weekend? Anything that we might be interested in coming to see or participate in? At times I would brush her off, say that everything was great, and head to the couch to watch TV. Other times I would rant and rave about the latest drama while she patiently listened and nodded along. All the while, she was gathering precious insight into my life and how she could be praying for me and supporting me in my endeavors.

How I wish I still had those opportunities to sit and talk with her! I would be more intentional about what I shared, and would ask her about her life and how she was doing. I would go to her for spiritual advice and guidance, and would share my struggles and new insights. But…this has not been a possibility for almost 7 years now.

In November of 2007 my sweet, caring, concerned Grandmother fell ill and was taken home to be with Him. While I am thankful and happy to know that she is dancing with joy in His presence, I miss her here on earth. I miss those afternoons of walking two doors down, and chatting at her kitchen table. I miss her smiles and patience when school work was just too much. I miss her calm replies when life seemed to be spiraling irrevocably out of control. I miss her wisdom, her smiles, and her instant sweet tea. I miss my Grandma, and am thankful for the time that we had.

Rachel Nelson Reed was a kind and loving woman. I only hope that people would see small pieces of her in me. Love you, Grandma!

SOLSC 2014



About teachlovetravel

I am a teacher who loves languages, traveling and adventure. I'm teaching overseas in an international school, and traveling every chance I can afford! He has blessed me in many ways, and I cannot imagine my life anywhere else.

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  1. What a beautiful tribute to your grandmother! Grandmothers are special people and you are so lucky to have had such an amazing relationship with yours. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  2. newtreemom says:

    Such heartfelt words! No wonder you miss her, but I think you did gain a lot of wisdom from her.

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