Every once in a while I need to just get out…and get me some nature. Today was one such day…and it was fantastic!

A few co-workers and I went on a day hike in the hills next to Taihu Lake today. We bussed it out there, wandered around the small village, then ate lunch and started climbing. Now when I say climbing, I really mean climbing! In CO, hiking is a great workout, but you tend to wander your way through several switchbacks on your way to the top…This is not the case in China. Here it is a full on climb up the side of the mountain! We summited in about 45 minutes, and had fun checking out the temple at the top. I was blown away by the way the sun glittered off of the water in the lake. It looked like one of those shimmery, holographic photos that you can buy back in the US. It helped that the water and the sky were ver nearly the same color…which added more magic and mystery to the whole scene. The way back down the mountain was just as quick and just as steep! We had to really concentrate on where we stepped so as not to catch one of myriad loose rocks and fall! It blows my mind that the entire time our guide is walking in a suit!

Once back down, on the other side of the mountain…we sat by the lakeside resting and chatting. Soon enough we were back on the bus, headed back to the city. It was a short jaunt into the peaceful surroundings, but it was very much needed and appreciated! He is a wonderful painter!

SOLSC 2014



About teachlovetravel

I am a teacher who loves languages, traveling and adventure. I'm teaching overseas in an international school, and traveling every chance I can afford! He has blessed me in many ways, and I cannot imagine my life anywhere else.

4 responses »

  1. Susanne says:

    We’re escaping next weekend. Can’t wait!

  2. aggiekesler says:

    Sorry I missed it…sounds so rejuvenating! And today’s weather was just *perfect*!

  3. Sounds perfect!!! So glad you got a chance to enjoy the outdoors!

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