Tonight’s slice is inspired by a wonderful little critter in my class. He has this knack for fighting for power while being almost too cute for words…

The Ocean’s Blue

While working hard at ten ’till two
This little guy says, ‘It looks blue.’
‘Wait a minute,’ came my reply
‘I see you trying to be sly…
Is this how kids in grade two write?
I think not, now go make it right.’
He turns to go, then stops to say
‘But what to write? I’ve thought all day.’
‘A little more than the ocean’s blue.
A little more I expect from you.’

SOLSC 2014



About teachlovetravel

I am a teacher who loves languages, traveling and adventure. I'm teaching overseas in an international school, and traveling every chance I can afford! He has blessed me in many ways, and I cannot imagine my life anywhere else.

2 responses »

  1. aggiekesler says:

    Such a cute poem! 🙂 I love that you got the rhythm and rhyme down. I struggle with that…

  2. I agree! I’m jealous of your rhyme and rhythm! What a perfect poem! 🙂

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