Just now, as I was about to sit down and read for a bit I heard in a very loud and proud Chinese voice, ‘Nah, nah, knocking on heaven’s door!’ Over, and over, and over. This went on for about a minute (about the time it took for the elevator to descend)…and whoever this aspiring singer was did not care who heard. She was jammin’ and there was nobody gonna say different.

This is just a typical day of life in the ‘Hai. People here do the oddest of things, with complete abandon! They walk around in full pajama glory, they dress up their significant other in uber matchy outfits, they think that Christmas music is good enough for year long listening, and they spit all over…And just when you think that you’re accustomed to the randomness of China:


This is China! This is my life.

SOLSC 2014



About teachlovetravel

I am a teacher who loves languages, traveling and adventure. I'm teaching overseas in an international school, and traveling every chance I can afford! He has blessed me in many ways, and I cannot imagine my life anywhere else.

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  1. I love this! Dressing in jammies?!?!? Listening to Christmas music all year round?!?! I love the courage it takes to BE who you are with no concern of what others will think. Sounds like a great place to be!

  2. aggiekesler says:

    I can so relate…:) My favorite line “full pajama glory”! You got it!!

  3. dressing in jammies….such a great image!

  4. Going out in PJ’s? Hmmmm. That’s interesting. I don’t think that would fly around these parts!

  5. Bree @The Things We Read says:

    I love the randomness and their ability feel free. Awesome.

  6. Jenny says:

    Sounds like you never know what tomorrow will bring! Definitely keeps life interesting!

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